Edger Mr Blue Sun & Sport

Edger Mr Blue Sun & Sport

Sold individually
  • Suitable for all types of mounting thanks to "Fit 4 Frame" technology
  • High-precision fittings
  • Secure mounting of superhydrophobic lenses thanks to milling technology
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance of the containe
  • Highly aesthetic, ideal for installation in the center of the sales outlet
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Chemistrie TM clips

  • Generate additional revenues through an alternative to both prescription sunwear and unsatisfactory clip-on sets.
  • Magnetic lens layering system: a patented technology that attaches lenses to virtually any prescription eyewear using magnets embedded in the lenses.
  • Base curve matched, lightweight, custom made.

Half Jacket frames

  • Capitalize on the rising popularity of endurance and extreme sports.
  • Achieve a wider frames coverage with the partial step bevel inn addition to full high curve, asymmetric bevel, and step bevel.
  • A dedicated process and assistance on your machine supported by new tools.

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