Lens Edging Pads Ø 18/14mm 3M Essilor

Pack of 200 or 1000
  • Ø 18/14mm
  • Perfect holding of lens during milling
  • Excellent torque force of resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Designed for your Essilor machine
  • Machines compatibles : Kappa, Gamma, Delta

SKU#GAM316 - Pack of 1000 pads

SKU#GAM317 - Pack of 200 pads

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Edging Pads 18/14 mm:

  • 3M Essilor edging pads
  • Ideal for lenses with treatment (hydrophobic, anti-reflective, antistatic)
  • Remove easily and without glue residue

Our edging pads 3M Essilor have been tested and validated by the Essilor Instruments Research and Development department in order to guarantee the finishing of the lenses

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