Spherical Concave Lenses | Spare Parts for Trial Case

Sold individually
  • Spherical Concave (-) 
  • 20 powers available from 0.25 to 5.00
  • Trial lens spare reduced aperture plastic

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Spherical Lens

Spherical Concave (-) 

Powers of -0,50 to -2.75D

SKU Power
ESS600 -0.25D
ESS601 -0.50D
ESS602 -0.75D 
ESS603 -1.00D
ESS604 -1.25D
ESS605 -1.50D
ESS606 -1.75D
ESS607 -2.00D
ESS608 -2.25D
ESS609 -2.50D

Powers of -3,00 to -5.00D

SKU Power
ESS610 -2.75D
ESS611 -3.00D
ESS612 -3.25D
ESS613 -3.50D
ESS614 -3.75D
ESS615 -4.00D
ESS616 -4.25D
ESS617 -4.50D
ESS618 -4.75D
ESS619 -5.00D
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Delivery time 5 to 7 open days