Fresnel Press On Prism

Sold individually or pack of 2
  • Tools used to treat several ocular motility disorders, including Strabismus and Diplopia
  • Applied to the back surface of one or both lenses of the patient's eyeglasses.
  • Could be applied to the entire lens or to any region of the lens. 
  • Fits all eyewear
  • Fresnel Press On Prism can be re-used

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Visual acuity

Fresnel Press On Prism:

  • Economical and easy to use Prism Foils
  • For creating prismatic and spherical corrections
  • For temporary or long term corrections


  • Cut the Press On Prism into shape
  • Wet the smooth surface of the prism and lens
  • Orient the prism
  • Press the Fresnel press on prism oriented on the lens
  • Chasing excess water
  • Cut out with scissors to adapt to the shape of the glass
  • Attaches Fresnel press on prism to the glass by wetting the surface with water and pressing the prism

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1 PSO010 MAG020
2 PSO020 MAG021
3 PSO030 MAG022
4 PSO040 MAG023
5 PSO050 MAG024
6 PSO060 MAG025
7 PSO070 MAG026
8 PSO080 MAG027
9 PSO090 MAG028
10 PSO100 MAG029
12 PSO120 MAG030
15 PSO150 MAG031
20 PSO200 MAG032
25 PSO250 MAG033
30 PSO300 MAG034
35 PSO350 MAG035
40 PSO400 MAG040
More Information
Visual Acuity 1D-40D
Material Polyvinyl Chloride
Diameter 63.5 mm
Thickness 1mm
Delivery time 5 to 7 open days
Weight 220g