Sold individually
  • Easy identification of manufacturer’s markings
  • Checking progressive lenses and lens type
  • Detection of the added power on progressive lenses
  • Adjustable inclination for improved reading as required
  • Size L155 x W135 x H270 mm
  • Power supply 90 - 250 V
  • Fusible T 500 mA L250V
  • Weight 1.03kg

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PAL Identifier PAL-ID

The PALCHECK enable an easy lens engraving identification the type for all organic lenses.

  • In the workshop, it is easier to find FV and NV tests points, and in the dispensing, the customer can check, by himself, the manufacturer’s mark. 
  • Possibility to slacken the knob positioned on the back side of the unit, in order to regulate the angle of the machine. Extract the foot according to needs, then tighten the knob for blocking the foot in the desired position; this operation gives the possibility to optimize the reading positions
More Information
Delivery time 5 to 7 open days
Brand Essilor
Dimension L 155 x W 135 x H 270 mm
Norm Conformité au marquage CE
Voltage 90 to 250V
Weight 1.03 kg