DIGITAL PD meter - Pupillometer CRP

  • Monocular and binocular PD measurements for all distances between 35 cm and infinity
  • In case of abnormal patient’s binocular vision, monocular PD can be measured
  • Range measurement from 48 to 77 mm
  • Automatic standby

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Digital Pupillometer CRP

  • The pupillometer with corneal reflection is used to precisely measure pupillary distances and to record them numerically.
  • The pupillometer measures monocular and binocular pupillary distances for all distances between 35 cm and infinity
  • The monocular pupillary differences can be measured by occlusion of an eye if the binocular vision of the patient is abnormal. 
  • The pupillary differences between monocular and total (from 48 to 77 mm) are measured in increments of 0.5 mm
  • It has automatic lighting and digital display

Compliance marking Essilor strives to preserve a high quality product, with a validated and controlled process in accordance with strict procedures


Option - Protection Shield # V01910

More Information
Mode Manual
Measurement range from 48 to 77 mm (0,5 mm step)
Standby mode setting Standby - Module
Brand Essilor Instruments
Dimension L 250 x W 160 x H 60 mm
Voltage Battery powered
Weight 0,7 kg