Diafine Hand Edger Polycarbonate & Organic 110V

Sold individually
  • Hand edger
  • 110V
  • Type A power cord
  • For chamfering mineral and organic lenses for all material (organic, polycarbonate and mineral)

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The DIAFINE for polycarbonate lenses:

  • A compact hand edger for a perfect edge finish
  • It is equipped with conical diamond grinding wheel 50 to 90mm in diameter.
  • This machine allows retouching mini bevels with either the left hand or right hand side of the wheel and the mini beveling of a thin lens (eg. Sunglass lens) can be carried out on the upper part of the wheel.
  • It is continuously lubricated by a film of water which eliminates any risk of splashing.
  • An inbuilt water container eliminates the need of connecting the edger to the water mains or the use of a pump.
  • Delivered with US plug
More Information
Diamond wheels diameter 51 to 90mm in diameter
Brand Essilor
Dimension L 170 x W 210 x H 150 mm
Voltage 115V/60HZ + cx3030
Weight 4,6 kg