Diafine Hand Edger-Polycarbonate & Organic -220/110V-Type C Power Cord

The DIAFINE poly is designed for chamfering and polishing, polycarbonate and organic bevelled lenses.


The Diafine Hand Edger Poly Type C Power Cord 

A compact hand edger for a perfect edge finish

It is equipped with conical diamond grinding wheel 50 to 90mm in diameter.
This machine allows retouching mini bevels with either the left hand or right hand side of the wheel and the mini beveling of a thin lens (eg. Sunglass lens) can be carried out on the upper part of the wheel.
It is continuously lubricated by a film of water which eliminates any risk of splashing.
An inbuilt water container eliminates the need of connecting the edger to the water mains or the use of a pump.

More Information
Diamond wheels diameter 50 to 90mm in diameter
Brand Essilor
Dimension L 160 x W 250 x H 170 mm
Voltage 220 V-50 Hz / 115 V-60 Hz
Weight 4,6 kg