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Hydroalcoholic gel based on ethanol, without rinse.
This gel is extremely effective against viruses and bacteria (effectiveness from 30 seconds). and well tolerated by the skin. Odourless.

Systematic hand disinfection is one of the most important prophylactic measures to interrupt the
chain of infection.

Applied in the form of hygienic hand disinfection, it guarantees a fast and safe reduction of the
number of bacteria, with destruction of microorganisms.

Features :

Sterillium® Pure Hand Gel has many assets for a soft and effective disinfection:
- wide spectrum of action: bactericidal (including MRSA), fungicidal, virucidal against enveloped viruses (COVID-19, HBV, HIV, HCV),
- active according to EN 1040, EN 1275, EN 13727, EN 1500, EN 12791, exceptionally well tolerated by the skin, even with prolonged use.
- excellent protective and skin care properties,
- cares for the skin with its unique system of moisturizing agents*,
- contains no perfume or colouring.
* hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

Scope of application :

Disinfection with Sterillium® Pure Hand Gel can be used anywhere, without a washbasin and without water.
Sterillium® Pure Hand Gel is indicated for hygienic disinfection. The preparation is used wherever hygiene is important:
- in treatment rooms,
- in the ambulances,
- in medical practices of all disciplines,
- in the home care of patients, the elderly and infants,
- during home dialysis.

Dosage of the hydroalcoholic gel

Sterillium® Pure Hand Gel is applied undiluted by rubbing on dry hands; care should be taken to keep hands dry
moisten with Sterillium® Pure Hand Gel throughout the application period. Pay attention to
particularly fingertips and fingernails.

Further information :

Biocide class TP1 according to European Directive 98/8/EC.

Packaging: 200 ml bottle

Shelf life :
Before opening: 60 months
After opening: 12 months

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